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Quatres Moutons Zun Jarre Bronzes Chinois


Dynastie: Fin de Dynastie Shang Chinois (Environs La fin de la dynastie de Shang Chinois, 13ème siècle JC - le 11ème siècle JC)

Très Belle Reproduction en Impeccable qualité.

Hauteur : 220mm

Poids Net: 4500g

This is a scaled replica of the bronze Four Sheep Zun.  The original vessel was made in late Shang Dynasty (17 century B.C.~11 century B.C.), 59cm in height, 52.4cm in bore and 60.0kg in weight. Excavated in 1938 from Ningxiang of Hunan Province, it is now housed in China National Museum. Exquisitely made, it has 4 sheep in relief on each side. The legs of the sheep reach its base. Its edges are decorative engravings and its shoulders are ornamented with 4 dragons. The sheep and dragons are all over covered with beautiful patterns.

Three main categories of bronze artifacts exist: ritual vessels, luxury items and sometimes placed in tombs and weapons. Production quality peaked in the late Shang (B.C. 1600~B.C.1100) period. One characteristic form was the Jue, a ritual vessel standing on three legs, apparently intended for the warming of wine. The surfaces of most ritual vessels were commonly covered with stylized surface decoration. The most common motif was a mythical creature lacking a lower jaw known as the taotie mask. Many vessels carried inscriptions indicating why they had been cast and explaining their intended use.

Our bronze replicas are made with the same lost wax method as the Shang artisans used thousands of years ago.   Each item is modeled off the historical relic.  Some original size products’ molds are from the original relics provided by Zhou Yuan Bronze Museum.

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